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Wealthy Affiliate Review – Why I Think It’s Still Ranked #1 in 2024

Why do folks rave about Wealthy Affiliate? With a track record spanning over 19 years and a whopping 50,000+ independent reviews singing its praises, it’s no wonder this platform is a hot favourite. And let’s talk about that impressive 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot – talk about making a mark!

Wealthy Affiliate Review

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Dive Into the World of Wealthy Affiliate: Your Gateway to Online Business Success!

Welcome to my in-depth Wealthy Affiliate Review! Get ready to embark on an eye-opening journey into one of the most trusted and longstanding affiliate marketing platforms out there. Created in 2005 by two visionary college buddies, Wealthy Affiliate has one mission that shines through: empowering entrepreneurs like you to craft thriving online businesses.

Why do folks rave about Wealthy Affiliate? With a track record spanning over 19 years and a whopping 50,000+ independent reviews singing its praises, it’s no wonder this platform is a hot favourite. And let’s talk about that impressive 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot – talk about making a mark!

But here’s the real scoop on what makes Wealthy Affiliate a cut above the rest: it’s their all-in-one package deal. They’ve got everything you need – top-tier training, sleek website tools, reliable hosting, nifty research and writing aids, plus professional support – to fuel your online business journey. Whether you’re a digital world veteran or just dipping your toes in, Wealthy Affiliate is your go-to resource for online success.

And guess what? You’re not alone in this adventure. Kyle and Carson, the brains behind Wealthy Affiliate, are right there with you, offering guidance every step of the way.

Ready to level up your business game? Join the Wealthy Affiliate community today, and with my guide by your side, you’ll be navigating the path to your entrepreneurial goals before you know it!

Wealthy Affiliate: The Brainchild of Kyle and Carson

Flashback to 2005: Picture two college buddies, Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim, brewing up a storm of ideas. That’s the year they planted the seeds for what we now know as Wealthy Affiliate. Fast forward 18 years, and voilà! They’ve evolved this platform into an extraordinary hub, constantly injecting new features and functionality to keep it top-notch.

But get this – affiliate marketing isn’t just a business for them; it’s practically in their blood! Before Wealthy Affiliate even sparked into existence, Kyle and Carson were already rocking the online world with several successful affiliate sites. These guys aren’t just playing the game; they’re the wizards behind it, sharing their vast treasure trove of knowledge to cultivate a community of flourishing entrepreneurs.

A Vision Beyond Earnings: Empowering Others to Succeed

There came a moment, though, when they realized that making money online was just the tip of the iceberg. They had a bigger vision – to empower others to replicate their success. And so, with a handshake and a shared dream, Wealthy Affiliate was born, revolutionizing the affiliate marketing landscape.

With a combined experience of over 40 years, Kyle and Carson are like the encyclopedias of affiliate marketing. But here’s the cherry on top: the level of support and mentorship within Wealthy Affiliate is simply out of this world. For the past 18 years, these coaches, alongside the vibrant WA community, have been pouring their expertise into helping members navigate through the training and confidently build their businesses.

Looking for a platform where genuine field experts, unmatched support, and community guidance are the norms? Wealthy Affiliate is your destination. Join us, and let’s embark on a journey to build your online empire, together!

Kickstart Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Build a Business from Scratch with Wealthy Affiliate

Try it Today – Absolutely Free (No Credit Card Required)

Core Training – Your Blueprint to Success

Embark on a transformative journey with Wealthy Affiliate’s comprehensive ‘Online Entrepreneur Certification’. This core training is your A-Z guide to taking the online world by storm. Begin with a solid five-lesson module, each packed with 10 classes designed to set your entrepreneurial wheels in motion. Here’s a sneak peek:

  1. Lesson 1: Getting Started – Your First Step into the Online World
  2. Lesson 2: Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website – The Heart of Your Online Presence
  3. Lesson 3: Making Money – Turning Your Passion into Profit
  4. Lesson 4: Mastering Social Engagement – Connecting and Growing Your Audience
  5. Lesson 5: Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation – Crafting Your Path to Success

And that’s just the beginning! As you dive into the OEC, you’ll unravel secrets like:

  • Identifying a Profitable Niche for Your Business
  • Creating a Website Ready to Generate Revenue
  • Understanding the Art of Making Money Online
  • Preparing Your Site for Top Search Engine Rankings
  • Laying the Foundations for Online Success
  • Crafting Engaging Content That Sells
  • Mastering Website Layout and Design
  • Simplifying Menus and Navigation
  • Finding Low Competition Keywords for High Ranking
  • Embarking on a Long, Successful Online Journey

By the end of the first 10 lessons, you’ll have the groundwork of a thriving online business laid out before you.

Building a long-term, sustainable business online isn’t just a dream – it’s a journey. And as you step into the shoes of a budding business owner, Wealthy Affiliate is dedicated to guiding you towards unparalleled success.

Become an Expert by Learning from the Experts – Absorb Every Insight

Kyle often shares a powerful Chinese Proverb that’s been a cornerstone of his success:

“To Know The Road Ahead, Ask Those Coming Back.”

In essence, to become a master in your field, learn from those who’ve already paved the way. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just a training platform; it’s a thriving community of entrepreneurs who’ve been in your shoes and have emerged victorious, building lucrative businesses and leaving their day jobs for a life of online success.

Real classes, real people, real success – that’s the essence of Wealthy Affiliate. As you build your brand, you’re not alone. You have a community of fellow entrepreneurs, all diligently crafting their own success stories, ready to lend you a hand.

Join us at Wealthy Affiliate, where real people help you establish your brand and pave the way for your success!

Unleash Your Business Potential with Wealthy Affiliate’s Comprehensive Training

500+ Hours of Cutting-Edge Training at Your Fingertips!

Dive into an ocean of knowledge with Wealthy Affiliate’s extensive training library. Boasting over 500 hours of top-tier, interactive lessons, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more up-to-date and comprehensive learning experience anywhere else. This is your golden ticket to turbocharging your business!

Start for Free – No Credit Card Required

As a starter member, you’re not just dipping your toes in – you’re getting a front-row seat to Kyle’s game-changing training video. This isn’t just any tutorial; it’s a roadmap to success that has guided countless members to six and seven-figure incomes through affiliate marketing.

Here’s What’s in Store for You:

  • Learn From the Best: Get direct insights from industry experts.
  • Expand Your Skills Daily: Keep growing your knowledge base.
  • Dodge Business Pitfalls: Avoid common mistakes with expert advice.
  • Stay Ahead with Updated Training: Always be in the know with the latest strategies.
  • Unlock the Value of Keywords: Discover how keyword lists can be worth thousands.

Research Tools & Platforms – Your Secret Weapon

With Wealthy Affiliate, you’re not just learning; you’re doing. You’ll have access to an arsenal of research tools and platforms, including:

  • Jaaxy Keyword Research
  • Site Content Platform
  • Site Rank
  • Keyword Lists
  • Alphabet Soup Technique
  • Search Engine Analysis
  • Niche Trends

jaaxy search 'top work from home jobs'

Keyword Research – Your Path to Success

Understanding your audience is key, and it starts with targeted keywords. Wealthy Affiliate guides you in uncovering ‘pockets of opportunity’ through highly specific keywords. Each keyword you discover is a potential article, brimming with value for your audience.

Unique Quoted Search Results (QSR) Tool

Wealthy Affiliate’s QSR metric is a game-changer. Exclusive to WA members, it shows the real competition for any given keyword. This inside scoop helps you find those hidden gems – keywords with low competition but high potential.

Why the Research Platform is Invaluable:

  • Efficient Time Saver: Get results faster.
  • Spy on the Competition: Gain a strategic advantage.
  • Track Your Rankings: See how your pages perform in Google.
  • Discover Millions of Keywords: Never run out of content ideas.
  • Find High-Value Domains: Unearth domain goldmines.
  • Uncover New Niche Ideas Daily: Stay fresh and relevant.

Join Wealthy Affiliate – Master Keyword & Audience Research

Embark on your Wealthy Affiliate journey today. With full access to this treasure trove of tools and platforms, you’ll be equipped to create engaging, valuable content based on precise keyword research. Transform your online presence with Wealthy Affiliate!

google sign

Unlock the Secrets of Market Research Mastery

Benefits You Can’t Ignore:

  • Expert Insight = Better Rankings: Elevate your site to new heights.
  • Organic Growth = Wider Reach: Attract more followers naturally.
  • Earn Trust = Solidify Your Brand: Become a household name.
  • Spread Your Content = Spark Conversations: Get people talking about your brand.
  • More Traffic = More Revenue: The simple equation for online success.

Transform Your Content into a Revenue-Generating Powerhouse

With Wealthy Affiliate’s top-notch research tools at your disposal, prepare to craft content that’s not just good, but outstanding. Remember, in the digital world, it’s not websites that rank – it’s individual web pages. Treat each post as a masterpiece, infuse it with unparalleled value, and watch as your site soars to new heights.

Dive into the World of Affiliate Programs

Promote 550 Million Products – Absolutely Free

Start Now (No Credit Card Required)

The online universe is vast, and so are the opportunities in affiliate marketing. Imagine promoting products from giants like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Nike. Every month, billions are spent online, and affiliates play a crucial role in this booming ecosystem.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program Search – Your Unfair Advantage

  • Find Niche-Specific Programs with Ease: Tailor your promotions perfectly.
  • Access Thousands of Top-Paying Programs: Only the best, most reputable options.
  • Direct Connection with Affiliate Managers: Personalize your affiliate relationships.
  • Centralize Your Affiliate Ventures: Keep everything organized in one place.

This isn’t just any search tool; it’s your secret weapon to outperform competitors who aren’t part of Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Program Search

Discover the Power of Community at Wealthy Affiliate

A Global Network of Online Entrepreneurs at Your Fingertips

Step into the world of Wealthy Affiliate and unlock the door to the largest community of online entrepreneurs. The support you’ll find here isn’t just abundant; it’s heartfelt and genuine. Members are eager to help each other succeed, making the Wealthy Affiliate Community a unique and invaluable resource.

24/7 Live Chat – Your Instant Problem Solver

Hit a roadblock while working on your site? No worries! Wealthy Affiliate’s live chat is bustling around the clock with members ready to lend a hand. That sudden ‘Aha!’ moment is just a chat away, ensuring you’re never stuck for long.

A Community That Pays It Forward

In the Wealthy Affiliate Community, every question is a good one. Regardless of your experience level, you’ll always find someone with the answer you need. Immerse yourself in this pay-it-forward culture, and the support you receive will be as rewarding as it is endless.

Community Benefits:

  • Global Networking: Connect with entrepreneurs from around the globe.
  • Quick Answers: Average wait time is just 5 minutes for responses.
  • Personal Mentorship and Coaching: Direct guidance to steer your path.
  • Access to Kyle Loudon: Engage with a founder who’s always ready to respond.
  • Never Journey Alone: Feel supported every step of your entrepreneurial path.

With Wealthy Affiliate, gain confidence and forge lasting relationships with fellow business owners, setting the stage for mutual success.

And There’s More – World-Class Hosting with Wealthy Affiliate

Fastest Hosting = Top Ranking Sites

Google’s algorithm loves speed, core web vitals, and security – and that’s exactly what Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting platform offers. Industry-leading and lightning-fast, it ensures your site is always primed to impress Google and your visitors. Build your site with confidence, knowing it has the backbone to support your growing business.

Fastest Hosting

Experience the Speed and Stability with Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

Choose Your Path: Three Membership Levels

  1. Starter Membership: Dip your toes in with 1 website – Absolutely Free!
  2. Premium: Expand your empire with hosting for 10 websites.
  3. Premium+: Go all-in with hosting for up to 50 websites.

With Wealthy Affiliate’s lightning-fast hosting, you’re not just building a website; you’re laying down a rock-solid foundation for success. Outpace your competitors with a platform designed for speed and reliability.

Gain the Upper Hand with Wealthy Affiliate Membership

Start Today (No Credit Card Required)

As Jim Rohn famously said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Now, imagine immersing yourself in a community with over 10,000 of the world’s most successful affiliate marketers! The level of knowledge, business acumen, and insider tips you’ll access is astronomical. This isn’t just growth; it’s a transformation.

What’s Your Vision of Success?

Picture it: Earning $1,000 a month? $10,000? Or even $100,000? All these are within reach. Yes, the journey might be challenging, but the rewards are real and attainable. Wealthy Affiliate members are living proof of this, redefining success every day.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories – Real People, Real Results

Over the past year, our community has been buzzing with success stories from some of the most prolific affiliate marketers worldwide. These are real people, just like you, who have turned their dreams into reality using Wealthy Affiliate.

my first commission image

$50,000 promoting Wealthy Affiliate
Motivational Affiliate Marketing

Motivational Affiliate Marketing

Unlock Your Potential with Wealthy Affiliate – Real Success Stories Await!

Everyday Success: It’s All About You and Your Effort

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just a platform; it’s a launchpad for your dreams. Our community is brimming with real-life success stories, posted daily by our members. Remember, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Dive in, give it your all, and watch as your efforts transform your life. After all, the best tools in the world mean nothing without your drive and determination.

I’ve reached my goals, and so have my friends. Now, it’s your turn.

Simplified Membership Pricing – No Hidden Upsells Here

Starter Membership: Take it for a Spin, Absolutely Free!

  • Why Try for Free? Always test the waters before diving in. If a program doesn’t offer a free trial, you’ve got to wonder why. With Wealthy Affiliate, you get a straightforward, free 7-day trial – no tricks, no gimmicks.

[Create Your Free Starter Membership Here]

Premium Membership: The Complete Package for Just $49/Month

  • All-In-One Internet Business Solution: Get everything you need to launch, manage, and grow your online ventures, all in one place. This includes state-of-the-art website and hosting platforms, comprehensive training modules, weekly workshops, community insights, and 24/7 professional support.
  • Special Offer Alert: Start with a free trial and upgrade within 7 days to get a complimentary .com domain!

[Start Your Free Trial, Decide on Premium Later!]

Premium Plus+ Membership: Elite Access for $99/Month

  • Supercharge Your Business: With Premium Plus+, you’re not just getting more; you’re getting the best. Think advanced hosting for up to 50 websites, which alone is worth more than $250/month elsewhere. Add in the top-tier Jaaxy Enterprise (valued at $99/month) and over 250 additional expert classes annually, and you’re set for unparalleled success.

Why Start with Free? Always begin with the free Starter Membership. It’s the perfect way to explore and understand why Wealthy Affiliate is the ultimate platform for entrepreneurs. A risk-free trial is your first step to growth and success.

Join Me Inside Wealthy Affiliate

I’m excited to welcome you to our community. If you’ve got questions, drop a comment below, and I’ll be right there to answer.

Cheers to your success,


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  1. Hi Steven,
    I absolutely like your thorough and clear review of the Wealthy Affiliate program. I understand that it is one of the better ones out there but you certainly provided the necessary justification!

    Compared to several other programs, WA has a lot going for it to love- free 7-day starter plan, keyword tool, expert classes, training, community etc. I was surprised to learn that the QSR is also unique to WA.

    For anyone planning to embark on the affiliate marketing journey, WA is certainly worth a trial – and the starter is free!! My sister jumping on the train….

    1. Thanks Ceci,

      That is so kind, I am glad you liked it.

      The free 7 day trial is a game changer, allowing a risk free bash at success. Your sister will love it 🙂

  2. Hello Steven,
    I like your review of the Wealthy Affiliate program, which can be helpful for individuals who are interested in making money online through affiliate marketing. In the post you discussed the various features and benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate program, including training courses, website building tools, and community support.

    The author shares their personal experience with the Wealthy Affiliate program, providing insights into the effectiveness of the training and tools provided. This can be helpful for readers who are considering signing up for the program and want to hear from someone who has firsthand experience with it.

    Furthermore, it includes a comparison of the Wealthy Affiliate program with other affiliate marketing programs, which can help readers make an informed decision about which program to choose.

    Overall, your content is important for individuals who are interested in making money through affiliate marketing and want to learn more about the Wealthy Affiliate program. The review provides valuable information about the program’s features and benefits, as well as the author’s personal experience with it. This can help readers make an informed decision about whether the program is right for them.

    My great appreciate for the review of WA


  3. Hello Steven – I found your review of Wealthy Affiliate to be helpful and informative. With so many options (good and not so good) available online, it’s the level of value that you detailed above that seems to set WA apart from others. Between the trainings, tools, hosting, and community, it really gives new users a great chance at being successful. Thanks for sharing your experience, best of luck to you!

  4. I couldn’t agree more with you on all you have said about the Wealthy Affiliate program. I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with the level of training and support offered by the platform. The step-by-step courses and tutorials were easy to follow and helps to understand the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. The community of like-minded individuals is also incredibly helpful in providing feedback and answering any questions. What sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from other programs is the level of transparency and honesty in their approach. They don’t promise overnight success, but rather provide the tools and resources necessary for long-term success for anyone willing to do the work.

    1. Thank you Femi

      Yes I agree, if you are willing and ready to put the graft in you will be successful in your business. The honest approach at Wealthy Affiliate is refreshing, its no wonder the platform has continued to evolve year on year since 2005 and became the successful platform they are today.

      But, while Wealthy Affiliate is 100% transparent, there are too many shady sites promising you millionaire status in 24 hours it’s absurd. All these fake ‘gurus’ take your money and run, however, WA will set you up for long term business success by giving you all the tools you need to succeed.

      How long have you been doing affiliate marketing?

      All the best

  5. Brilliant thorough review of wealthy affiliate! I have looked at the website a few times and wondered if it’s really as great and easy to use as it looks. Would you recommend WA over other affiliate marketing platforms, for example ionos? Also I have a domain with another affiliate program, can I transfer this to WA, and is it a complicated process?

    Look forward to a reply and will definitely be back to your site 🙂


    1. Hi Marisha, Yes I would definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate over other programs they are by far the best in the business in my opinion. I only have a little experience with Ionos, it’slittle complicated especially for beginners.

      Also, Yes you can transfer your domain, it’s a very quick and easy process.

      Thanks for your comment, I hope to hear from you again.